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Gamers Spot is the place where you can find fun and informational stuff on your favorite video games! All fans from Pokemon to Mario can find just about anything under the sun about the games you love! If you want information, we have it! If you want play throughs, we have them! If you just want fun stuff, we have that too! The resources we have are yours to explore. Enjoy Gamers Spot!

Why I created Gamers Spot

My name is Logan, and I am a gamer myself. I play lots of different games, but it is not just the games themselves that I am interested in. I am also very interested in the history behind the games. I find the history of the way popular games and all games in general came to be like they are now very interesting. I have explored their history a lot and have gathered a lot of information about it. Many people play games without knowing where they came from so I created this wiki to not just provide information on the games but their history as well. Thank you for coming to Gamers Spot and I hope you enjoy everything we have for you.

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